• The Village Place Resort is the ideal place for ease and relaxation

  • Learning and taking back new ideas back to influence your own experience.

  • When you choose to travel our way, you are not part of mass tourism but part of our family.

  • The Village Place Resort has an unmatched nature based personalized experience.

  • We have it all

    Ours is the ultimate in diversity, beauty and culture.

Welcome to The Village Place Resort

The Village Place Resort, which is 57km from Harare, is an exclusive country-side resort. Its name resembles its real village surroundings. The Village Place Resort offers excellent facilities for all year round leisure and for the whole family. It also offers exclusive conferencing facilities away from the disturbances of the urban settings.

The availability of natural resources (indigenous trees, rocky surroundings, variety of wild birds etc), a wide range of activities that includes a children play centre, game views and traditional/cultural dancers makes The Village Place Resort the ideal place for ease and relaxation.

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