How To Get A Woman

How To Get A Woman

the scrambler dating reviewIt's not hard to learn how to get a woman to like you and I believe everyone can do this! So what do you think women like? If you guessed good looks and money, you still have a lot to learn about how to get a woman. Not to worry, though, I'm willing to teach you how to get a woman you want to love you! So what do women really want in a guy? Well actually they want lots of things and I can fill this whole article just listing the things they want. But to simplify things I'm just going to categorize everything into just two things: Fun and Challenge.

You don't have to have a full head of hair or a ripped body or be a millionaire to be attractive to women! They are just looking for a FUN guy who knows how to CHALLENGE them. Sure there are a lot of women saying they aren't attracted to bald or overweight men, but what women say they want or even THINK they want, and what they actually want are completely different things. I'm not making this up you guys, being fun and challenging is exactly how to get a woman to fall in love with you!

So how do you challenge a woman? Well first of all buying her drinks and giving her complements is not going to work. You have to TEASE her a little. Think of entertaining a cat with a laser. If you are pointing the laser far away from a cat, she might look at it, but wouldn't feel the need to chase it. Same thing when you point it right in front of her nose. In order to get the cat to chase the light you have to point it just close enough for her to reach out and grab it and than at the last second pull it away. If you do it correctly you can get a cat to do all sorts of crazy acrobatics. So how is this useful in learning how to get a woman to like you?

You can apply this to women as well. Say stuff like: "You're like my little sister. You're adorable -long pause- but also a little annoying." This will keep her on her toes and she'll be much more engaged in the interaction and this is very important if you want to know how to get a woman to like you.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this article about how to get a woman as much as I've enjoyed writing it! Now that you know how to get a woman, go out and have some FUN!

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