How To Attract A Woman - Five Simple Tips To Do So

How To Attract A Woman - Five Simple Tips To Do So

Mastering how to attract a woman means that you are going to change several things in your life such as your attitude, the way you present yourself near women, and what you believe about yourself. These are especially needed because I'm sure your target is an attractive woman, most likely with high social status, and with tons of other males trying to hit on her. This sort of woman can easily cause you to nervous by just being around her and if she feels your nervousness, your chance to get her will fly off instantly.

Self confidence is the basis and it'll be hard to go any further without that; also note that faking it won't work either because women somehow have special intuition to recognize men who are attempting to fake it.

Obviously, the question "how to attract a woman" cannot be answered with self-confidence only; here are a few things you must pay attention to:

1. Don't let her make all the decisions; "wherever you want to go" or "whatever you want to do" will not work here. If you are one of many phlegmatic type who always let other people decide something for you, it is time to modify that behavior. So when you call her up, say to her where you intend to take her, what time you'll pick her up, what to do there, and so on; this will let her to enjoy being with you without concerning about each and every little details.

By deciding everything by yourself rather than seek for her approval, you perceive yourself as the man in charge and she'll look at you as a man with higher social status (which women always seek in a man). Eventually, you may also find that she will look for your approval instead, which is a good improvement.

2. Don't trouble her with your troubles; when you're talking with her, avoid complaining about your problem to her; that including troubles at works, your relationship problems, family problems, etc. In fact, you need to be the man who has no difficulties at all because you have resolved it on your own like a real man would do.

I know a man who are trying to "open his heart" by telling a woman his deepest problems; hope that she will do exactly the same, and they will get closer as they know each other secrets. If you already realize how to attract a woman, you won't ever do this. This type of approach will simply make her perceive him as momma's boy who cannot take care his own difficulty. On the other hand, she can complain about anything to you; that is her privilege as a woman you approach.

3. Keep teasing and mess with her; I am aware some of you have raised to be a "true gentleman" who treat a woman with respect and give her "polite smile" all the time. While pull out her chair or open doors on her behalf is alright, being excessively serious at all times will surely kill the mood of the interaction.

If you keep "normal conversation" all the time, she'll be bored stiff before you know it, so what you want to do is suddenly mess with her or tease her in various different ways. You can give an exaggerated compliment with overly serious face, hand her a thing but keep it beyond her reach, and so forth. If you're uncertain about how far you can go with physical contact, touching the outside of her arm is alright. It is not intimate enough place for the touch to feel weird, but you'll have an excellent start for an additional follow-up.

Focus on teasing her while there are other females nearby also gives a clear sign that you are interested to become "more than friend" with her. This is important if you want to know how to attract a woman: place yourself as prospective "special friend" from the start, not just another "guy friends".

4. Don't be needy; yes, you're drawn to her and you want her on your bed, but keep texting or calling her will simply make her freaks out. She'll believe that a) you DESPERTELY want her, thus she will play hard-to-get and b) you do not have a life or something better to do than keep chasing her tail around. This is a common blunder that many guys who do not know how to attract a woman normally do.

In either case, both cases will make you suffer. So here is what you ought of do: get hobbies, business goals, or other thing that you can focus on and make that your primary focus in life. Don't bother with phone call that won't come or text message that is not responded. Women like men who have content life even without them rather than the "I can't live without you" type. So when you have left a message once, it is her turn to answer and don't bother to text again.

5. Keep your humor handled; being funny and teasing her are the way to make her enjoy her time with you, however, you do not want to be looks as goofy or dorky. Balance things up; occasionally being playful and nice, sometimes being serious and mean; keep her speculating is part of the excitement that keep a relationship alive. Additionally, be unpredictable and mysterious; call her when she did not expect you to, bring her to a place without telling her first, and refrain from telling her your entire life.

Lots of men want to know how to attract a woman they like for years or even for life. They don't want "mediocre" women but too afraid to ask beautiful women out; some others have tried and fail miserably. It's not necessary to be in this particular circumstance since you can learn and practice to be better in attracting women. You will not have the skills without several failures, nevertheless, if you are willing to take several bruises without backing down, you will grab the prize.

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