The Village Place Resort activities are designed for both The Village Place Lodge resident and the day visitor. The activities include game views, bird watching, traditional dancers(weekends, public holidays and on special arrangements), disco music, rural village tours(see how the community lives) and visit to local caves and waterfalls.

The Village Place Resort takes pride in providing outstanding entertainment through the selection of activities, food and beverages. We offer both traditional and non-traditional foods. Experience the joy of sampling the unique recipes or choose your normal fish/beef/chicken etc. dishes. The Village Place Resort is proud to have a wide variety of beverages, from soft drinks to beers, whiskies and cocktails. Also try our teas and coffees.

Enjoy our year round and well visible sunset. Our evenings are always pleasurable as the summer breeze cools you whilst relaxing at any of our open air restaurants and bars. For those who love swimming, evening swimming is a must and your friends or family will cheer you up from the pool/residence bar area. Also have memorable winter evenings around our famous bonfire whilst listening to a distance music or the sounds of a village.

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